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Children’s Wooden Toys

In this category you will find: Pull Along Toys, Wooden Cars and Trains, Pretend Play toys, Doll Miniature Furniture, Bunk Bed or Rocking Bed for Dolls, Education Toys, Easels with Black and White Board, Wooden Swings, Wooden Building Blocks or Premade Toy Sets.

All of our wooden toys for children are made from quality pine wood or beech wood and are 100% child safe.
The paints or varnish used are 100% VOC free and are water based.

Wooden toys have been around for millennia, and the benefits for wooden toys are far greater than the plastic equivalent. Wooden Toys involve your child who must physically interact with the toy thus leading to a more active mind.

Pull Along Toys for Toddlers: Ladybirds, Building Blocks, Wooden Ducks, Wooden Cars, Tran with engine
Pull Along Toys

Encourage your toddlers to walk and run by pulling the toys after them. Visit our selection of solid wood pull along toys: coloured building blocks trolleys, lady birds, coloured ducks, train sets and more.

Children's Wooden Toys: Wooden Cars and Trains
Wooden Cars and Trains

How doesn’t like to play with cars and trains, visit our wooden cars and wooden trains selection.

Children's Toys: Pretend Play Toys
Pretend Play

Toy Kitchen accessories: Toy Microwave, Toy Coffee Maker, Toy Toaster, wooden barbecue sets, wooden scales and more.

Children's Toys - Doll Accessories
Doll Accessories

Nothing is more fun when playing with a doll than dressing it up, putting it to sleep, feeding it or walking it with a buggy.

Children'w Wooden Easel with Black and White Boards
Educational Toys

The blackboards, wooden laptop, abacus and other games of sort will catch your child’s attention and keep him entertained for several hours, helping him to learn new things in the process.

Children's Wooden Toys: Wooden Swings
Wooden Swings

The swing’s seat will allow your child a bit more wiggle room while still promising a safe, fun ride.

Children's Toys: Wooden Easel with Black Board and White Board
Wooden Easels with Black Board and White Board

Encourage your mini Leonardo, develop role playing, writing, education and creativity skills with our children’s easel, with a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.

Children's Toys: wooden building blocks and wooden trains with building blocks
Construction Toys

What better way of constructing than using wooden building blocks? Construction toy play is beneficial for building social skills and building trust.

Children's Toy Sets: dolls furniture, traffic signs, wooden swords and more
Wooden Toy Sets

We believe that the best toys are powered by creativity and imaginative play.

Been around for millennia
Wooden toys have been around for millennia, and the benefits for wooden toys are far greater than the plastic equivalent. Wooden Toys involve your child and by this we mean your child must physically interact with the toy, there is no button to press, then your child sits back and watches it do it’s thing.

Leads to a more active mind
Your child must manually push, pull, turn, or connect parts of the wooden toy. This leads to a more active mind. Wooden toys are less toxic.


To read our articles about wooden toys and child safety click on the slider or visit our blog.

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