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Children’s Furniture

Obique manufactures children’s furniture from solid beech or pine which can be used in both the living room and nursery.
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3 in 1 Children's Table, Chair and Bench

Children's Tables, Chairs and Benches

Check our Solid Beech 3 in 1 Multifunctional Children’s Tables, Chairs or Benches.

Children's Furniture Sets: children's table and children's chairs

Children's Furniture Sets

Buy in sets and save up to 20% on our children’s furniture tables, chairs and benches.

Children's Furniture Solid Beech Wood Table and four Chairs

Solid Beech Wood Children's Table and Chairs

Children’s Table and Chairs in solid beech wood varnished with hard wearing gloss.

Solid Pine Wood Children's Furniture: Children's Table and Chairs

Solid Pine Wood Children's Table and Chairs

Solid Pine Wood Children’s Furniture: children’s table and chairs, children’s bench.

We produce and sell Living room and Nursery solid beech wood furniture specially designed for children’s use. All corners have been rounded, so that there are no pinch points, ensuring the product will not injure children’s hands or fingers.

Also, all our furniture items are made from solid wood (mostly beech wood but also pine) and beech plywood. Everything is either natural, either varnished or stained with water based, child safe varnishes and paints. The multifunctional furniture that we produce is our best selling range.

The best use of the multifunctional furniture items lies with the sets. The sets are comprised of two, three, four or five individual multifunctional units. These can be used by both children and adults. The advantage is that you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on furniture that the child will outgrow in a couple of years, if not even faster than that. The multifunctional furniture can be used by adults as coffee tables when the children are not using them or when they have no use of them anymore.

Child Safe Furniture, zero volatile organic compounds

Child Safe Furniture

100% Child Safe with zero VOC content.

Multifunctional Children's Furniture


Rotate for chair or table position.

Child safe furniture round corners

Rounded Edges

Zero pinch point zones.