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Scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Why scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Are you looking for a great inexpensive gift for a friend or family member? Well, look no further. At Obique we have a wide variety of Scented Candles Collection. Scented Candles are one of the best gifts you could give or receive with or without an occasion!

The main reason why people love scented candles is that they are often used to change moods and bring relaxation. Consider giving a highly scented candle to someone who loves taking long bubble baths in the nice worm light of the candles. Gazing at the flame is a fascinating experience and relaxes both the eyes and the mind.

One of the best reasons to give candles as a gift is their aromatherapy effects. Aromatherapy is the practice of using scents and fragrances to create an atmosphere that relaxes the senses. As you study the different benefits of the aromatherapy, connected to particular scents, you will better understand how to choose the fragrance best suited for the person you want to give it to. Keep in mind that you can lean-to the day’s stresses with the healing effects of lavender, crocus and orchid. Special blends of cigarette’s, coffee and chocolates helps you chill out and refocus. You can awaken your senses with the refreshing blend of green tea and citrus.

Candles make the perfect gifts for both men and women, for any given occasion.

Below we’ve added the collections of scented candles in a decorative jar that appeal to both men and women.

Plants & Flowers Collection – Includes: Iris, Rose, Lily, Magnolia, White Orchid, Pink Orchid, Lavender, Magnolia, Pear, Vanilla and Cotton.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Tea Time Collection -Includes: Green Tea, Black tea, Jasmin Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea – Fruitful, Green Tea – Verbena, Green Tea – Bergamot, Fruits Iced and White Tea.

Candles - Tea Time Collection

Candles – Tea Time Collection

Assorted Fruits Collection – Includes: Strawberry, Cherry, Honey and Melon, Green Apple.

Scented Candles - Assorted Fruits Collection

Relaxing Home Collection – Includes: For You-Every day and Home and Kitchen.

Scented Candles - Relaxing Home Collection

Cold Seasons Collection – Includes: Winter Tutti Frutti – sweet fruits, Winter Tutti Frutti – green fruits, Autumn Gifts and Antarctica Continents.

Scented Candles - Cold Seasons Collection

Coffee, Tobacco & Cigarettes Collection – Includes: Cigarettes and Coffee.

Scented Candles - Coffee, Tobacco & Cigarettes

Citrus Fruit Collection – Includes: Orange and Lemon.


Romantic Mood Collection – Chocolate and Love Only Love.

Scented Candles - Romantic Mood Collection

Scented Candles – Romantic Mood Collection

Tutti Frutti Collection – Exotic Fruit, Wild Forest Fruit, Delicious Cherry, and Sweet Orange

Scented Candles - Tutti Frutti Collection

Herbs & Spices Collection – Italy, India, Mexico.


Scented Candles - Herbs & Spices

As you can see, scented candles in a jar make excellent gifts for any occasion. Since everyone can easily use scented candles in any room of their home, you can be sure they will be enjoyed.














Scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

The Concept of Multifunctional Furniture by Obique Ltd™

Multifunctional furniture,  designed for both adults and kids

Nowadays, with the dominant contemporary fast paced lifestyle that is overwhelmed with activity, it is more desirable to live in a smaller house or apartment, than a vast one. Why? Because this reduces the problem of cleaning and managing space, leaving more personal time to the extremely busy individual.

Novelty multifunctional furniture is designed to help people better manage interior spaces. The increasing emphasis on a modest design for a house is ascribed to several factors, such as limited land, financial limitation and practicality in housing plan.

Multifunctional furniture enriches efficient use of space, while reducing the cost of furnishing a house. This kind of furniture is generally lightweight and smaller. An example of such furniture is a nest of coffee tables for adults that are easy to convert to a children’s chair, table or a bench, commonly stated to as 3 in 1 furniture.

The Nest of Large Coffee Tables is usually preferred by families with children and also by grandparents who have occasional visits from their grandchildren. Primarily, it is a lot easier to move such furniture to different locations of the house than the classic furniture we are all used to.

Furniture for children should be designed to grow with the child. Tables or chairs should be versatile, elaborate and designed according to the needs of a growing child. A versatile unit radically reduces the cost of having to purchase a separate piece for every functional need of a growing child. For children, designing separate places for sitting, playing or eating certainly obliges a larger room, or better still, more custom-made multipurpose furnishing.

Below you can see the unique designs of Obique Multifunctional Sets for Children’s & Adult’s version with 3 colour choices:

White Stained Multifunctional

White Stained Multifunctional

The white stained multifunctionals are extremely versatile as they can be placed in modern but also more classical homes where they can blend in perfectly.

Natural Varnished Multifunctional

Natural Varnished Multifunctional

The natural multifunctionals are a great addition to any home thanks to their fresh appeal that is perfect for any room in the house.

Dark Varnished Multifunctional

Dark Varnished Multifunctional

The dark varnished multifunctionals give an elegant yet simple touch to your home with their deep and soothing color.

The possibility to have furniture that can be transformed for other purposes provides the certainty that you will want to use it for a longer time. Like that, when you invest in a multifunctional item, you get your full money’s worth.

Scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Decorating your home in a Vintage Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic is a very comfortable and casual home decoration style that uses pastels and vintage images and distressed look and feel. First appearing in the 1980’s in the United Kingdom and specific to cottage style living, the shabby chic style soon became very popular all types of homes.

Don’t let the word `shabby` fool you. The style might look a bit unstructured and lacking clear rules but it adds a timeless aesthetic and elegance to your home. Furniture pieces that are not genuine antiques are usually selected for their resemblance to older furniture styles in order to get that Shabby Chic appearance.

The unique shabby chic style uses a lot of white, neutrals and bright objects with a hint to country style living, delivering a comfortably worn and casual interior look. The main characteristic of shabby chic products is the aged, distressed look with soft flower, animal and other patterns on textiles applied to furniture and home décor products.


Lots of everyday items could be termed shabby chic based upon the appearance of age with all the signs of wear and tear. Alternatively a modern production item could be distressed to achieve the appearance of an older item and easily adapted to a Shabby Chic look. If the mirror has scratches, scratch it some more and if the paint’s chipped, then you should consider yourself lucky.

So, before visiting your grandmother’s loft to find shabby chic items, check out our Shabby Chic Decorations in our online store and in our listings on Amazon.

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Scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Why are wooden toys better for our children?

Nowadays, when it comes to toys, the market is over saturated with plastic products for children. This material became very cheap, making it more affordable for parents to buy toys made out of plastic. As far as we know, plastic is a synthetic material created through a chemical process in order to give it structure, texture and colour. And as chemicals are involved, how safe can our children be? Health is one of the reasons why we should reconsider getting wooden toys for our kids. Let’s see others.

Why choose wooden toys?
Wooden toys have been around for ages and passed the test of time because they are simple yet versatile. Plain activities such as making cookies at their own toy kitchen, or riding a wooden horse make a child engage more with the object and sparks creativity. How many stories have been created around your wooden horse when you were little?
Even if the price is a bit on the expensive side comparing to their plastic counterparts, wooden toys are durable, reusable and nontoxic, being suitable even for toddlers. So that your children can share the same toys and create lasting memories together.

At Obique we believe in creating the highest possible quality of children’s toys from the best materials available on the market. We take great pride in our handmade wooden toys and create solid wood furniture, painted with child safe varnishes for your children’s well-being.

Toy Work Bench With Wooden Hammer and Six Wooden Cylinders

Wooden Toy Work Bench With Wooden Hammer and Six Wooden Cylinders

Obique Children's Wooden Toy Work Bench With 24 Pieces, Including Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, Bolts

Obique Children’s Wooden Toy Work Bench With 24 Pieces, Including Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, Bolts

Check out our products at http://obique.com/store/ and on our Amazon store.