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Shabby Chic is a very comfortable and casual home decoration style that uses pastels and vintage images and distressed look and feel. First appearing in the 1980’s in the United Kingdom and specific to cottage style living, the shabby chic style soon became very popular all types of homes.

Don’t let the word `shabby` fool you. The style might look a bit unstructured and lacking clear rules but it adds a timeless aesthetic and elegance to your home. Furniture pieces that are not genuine antiques are usually selected for their resemblance to older furniture styles in order to get that Shabby Chic appearance.

The unique shabby chic style uses a lot of white, neutrals and bright objects with a hint to country style living, delivering a comfortably worn and casual interior look. The main characteristic of shabby chic products is the aged, distressed look with soft flower, animal and other patterns on textiles applied to furniture and home décor products.


Lots of everyday items could be termed shabby chic based upon the appearance of age with all the signs of wear and tear. Alternatively a modern production item could be distressed to achieve the appearance of an older item and easily adapted to a Shabby Chic look. If the mirror has scratches, scratch it some more and if the paint’s chipped, then you should consider yourself lucky.

So, before visiting your grandmother’s loft to find shabby chic items, check out our Shabby Chic Decorations in our online store and in our listings on Amazon.

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