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Obique’s Sales Manager, Benji No

Hello, my name is Benji NO! They also call me Benji Down, or Benji Leave It – not sure what my complete name is..

I’ve just been promoted to Sales Manager here at Obique because I am good with people. Check our product categories and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
Each week my staff put new articles in the blog section about my progress as a manager, so please help me earn my treats by buying our products.
Thank you!

The first job they gave me was that of a Packer. I’ve always known that I can do better so I quickly evolved from that. Oh, that and the thing that they said that I’m not allowed to do is chew on the boxes…

I then moved to Quality Inspector. They had to throw away some products as chewing was not an option…

Back then my days were pretty much the same. Losing and finding my teddy bear was keeping me occupied all day.

Not finding my place in the company, I even considered leaving at one moment. Seems that the veggie crate wasn’t going anywhere so I gave it another chance.

I was dreaming of the Manager position since I was a baby… But it took me a while to earn it.

But now I’ve found my place! Being promoted to Sales Manager made me realize this is my thing! Those late nights and extra hours at the office finally paid off!