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Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Obique Solid Pine Children’s Furniture

Obique Children's Furniture Solid Pine

What is Pine Wood?

As you may already know, solid woods are classified as either hardwoods or softwoods. It’s important to know that the description is based on the tree’s foliage rather than the strength of the wood. While hardwood trees lose their leaves seasonally, softwood trees maintain their leaves year-round. Softwoods aren’t weaker than hardwoods. Softwoods come from coniferous trees such as cedar, fir, and pine and tend to be somewhat yellow or reddish. Because most coniferous trees grow fast and straight, softwoods are generally less expensive than hardwoods.

Pine is a softwood that’s grown and used worldwide. Usually pine wood is light coloured with a prominent grain and has knots that are much darker than the rest of the wood. Pine is very easy to work with and, because most varieties are relatively soft, it lends itself to carving.

Pine is by far one of the most used materials when it comes to wooden furniture for your home. This is because pine has so many great qualities that make it the perfect choice for home furnishing. Typically, pine is used to convey a sense of lightness and simplicity. Being a softwood, it is light and knotty, perfect for country style furniture or rustic style furniture.

Why Consider Pine Wood When Choosing A Furniture Item?

As stated before, pine furniture is less expensive than many other types of wooden furniture. It can be painted, stained or covered in a clear coat of varnish. Because of the wood’s noticeable grain and knots, each piece has an unique look. Pine furniture blends well with other woods, allowing the buyer to mix and match pieces. Pine furniture adds cosiness to a room, and the wood is ideal for rustic or English Country décor. Pine’s colouring keeps beds, tables, chairs and storage boxes from appearing heavy and stuffy. Unfinished pine furniture, which can be personalized by painting or stencilling, allows great flexibility in a child’s room, as the furniture can be refinished and repainted as the child’s tastes changes.

What to Look For?

As for every item on the today’s market, the quality of pine furniture can vary widely. Although pine is more pliable than most hardwoods, pieces can last for decades if they are constructed well. Knots should be expected and can be attractive in a piece of furniture, but watch out for knots that create a hole in the furniture. Too many knots can weaken the piece. Although pine is a sturdy wood, it can easily be dented and scratched. Like all woods, pine will warp when exposed to constant humidity or moisture.

Pine Wood Furniture From Obique

Our furniture is made in the EU to the highest quality standards from solid pine and varnished with hard wearing high gloss, child safe water based varnish, to enable easy cleaning. Our products are entirely child safe in regard to the materials and design of the product. All too often, cheap children’s furniture is available from suppliers in online market places, that has not been properly designed for children. Manufacturing children’s wooden items is not just about scaling adult furniture to the size required for children. Obique’s best practice approach to manufacturing children’s furniture starts with a design phase, that eliminates the dangers inherent in adult furniture, that could injure your children.

We believe that the critical areas in designing children’s furniture are:

  1. A solid, strong, sturdy construction to ensure stability;
  2. The elimination of pinch points to avoid injury;
  3. The elimination of scissor joints to avoid injury;
  4. The management of the weight of furniture components;
  5. The elimination of rough, sharp edges and corners to avoid injury.

Whilst designed for use in the home, the sturdy construction of our products ensures they are ideal for use in a commercial nursery or Kindergarten. Our beautifully made solid pine children’s furniture was designed to survive rough handling by smaller children and will last for decades.

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Pay attention to the type of paint used on children’s products

Understanding Child Safe Coatings

Here at Obique, we take all the necessary precautions when designing and manufacturing furniture, so that it truly is child safe. From using water based paints and varnish, with no VOC (volatile organic compounds), to designing pinch free furniture with rounded edges, we always put children’s safety first.

Why should we always pay attention at the type of paint used on children’s products?
There is much to learn about the precautions you must take before buying anything for your home or nursery. As if the colour choices alone weren’t enough, you also have to take into account the dangers of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are found in paints.

Generally you can choose between two types of paints: water based and solvent based paints (or oil-based paints). Solvent based paint contains a significantly higher level of VOC than water based paint and these solvents are responsible for the strong odour noticeable in all products painted with such paint. The solvent based paint is used on a large scale because it’s cheaper than using a water based one.

So what are these VOC and what are they used for?

As previously stated, VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds” and are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at ordinary room temperature. One of the volatile compounds commonly found in paint is formaldehyde, which evaporates from paint at room temperature. Formaldehyde can cause nausea or skin irritation, leading in some cases to contact dermatitis. Also, benzene can cause cancer and other serious health related problems.

VOC Free Paints

These VOC emit gases because of their volatile state at room temperature and these gases are emitted long after the paint is dry. For some paints, it has been reported that only half of their VOC are emitted in the first year.


What are the health implications from VOC exposure?

Exposure to VOC can lead to many health problems from very serious ones, like cancer, to headaches, irritation of the ears, nose and throat. In cases where they were ingested, VOC caused kidney and liver damage, but also affected the nervous system.

  • Eye irritation – redness, itchiness and tearing;
  • Cough;
  • Allergy and asthma symptoms are worsening;

Ok, but when does it become dangerous to your children and what is the incidence?

Each person reacts differently and we have to take into account the fact that our children are more vulnerable because of the size of their developing bodies. Children are closer to the ground and they’re in contact with chemicals on the floor, carpet or furniture. They’re always sticking their hands in their mouths and eyes and in this process transferring any chemical residue they pick up. Also, it is known that kids breathe in more air per minute than adults. Without knowing, many well-meaning parents are exposing their children to high levels of VOC.

The solution?

Whenever you buy something for your children, for their safety, look at the type of paint used and not just the price.
For 100% safe children furniture, see our whole range of products specially created for kids.

Children’s Wooden Toy Pine Bunk Bed for Two Dolls With Mattresses and Pillows

Why is Cindy on the floor?

Obique manufactures children’s toy dolls bunk beds and other dolls accessories.

How many times did you have this conversation with your child:

  • Sweetie, why did you leave Cindy lying on the floor?
  • Well, let me tell you what happened: I put her in the bed next to me when I went to sleep, and she must have gotten up to get a sip of water from the glass on the nightstand and fell to the floor…
  • Really? She was thirsty then, was she?
  • Yes, absolutely parched…

What’s that you say? Too many times to count? Look no further, we have the solution right here! With our Children’s Wooden Toy Pine Bunk Bed for Two Dolls With Mattresses and Pillows, your child will never forget to tuck the precious companions in at night.

The beloved dolls will be carefully placed in their own bed, right next to the child’s, so that they can all enjoy a good night’s sleep, after a day filled with tons and tons of fun and activities. The dolls will have a cushy time in the comfortable bed, which comes complete with mattresses and pillows.

Our Children’s Wooden Toy Pine Bunk Bed for Two Dolls With Mattresses and Pillows, fits two 36-cm (14-inch) dolls, has a sturdy construction and is very easy to assemble.

So, in order to solve the accommodation problems that your child’s dolls have, look no further and click here.


Photo frames

Technology now offers a way to store and display all of your favorite pictures using only a single frame – a digital one. Even so, we believe that the classic photo frames that you hang on your wall or place on your desk have their charm and bring that extra something to your home. A picture is worth a thousand words, so exhibit your photos in one of our gorgeous photo frames so that everyone that visits your home will see them.

Proudly display your fondest memories of times spent with family and friends or beautiful holidays abroad by encasing them in one of our exquisite photo frames. We have items that feature multiple frames, so you can swap them out and create a stunning collage of your fondest moments.

If you prefer minimalist colours, you can opt for one of our black or white frames, or if you’re a fan of the shabby chic style, we have quite a few photo frames that you will suit your tastes. Whatever your interior style or colour scheme is, we’re sure you’ll find a photo frame that’s perfect enough to fit both the photo it holds and its surrounding. Fill your home with great photos of friends and family and capture them beautifully in one of our great value photo frames.

Nowadays, we all store hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures on memory cards, computers, digital cameras and telephones. But when was the last time you actually looked at all those pictures you have stored? A collage photo frame allows you to choose a few favorite pictures and display them in plain sight, and we guarantee that every time you will see them they will give you a nice warm feeling of happiness.

Display fond memories of family, friends, pets, holidays, special occasions and moments to remember, in beautifully looking photo frames from Obique. From magical moments to inspirational landscapes, keep memories alive with beautiful photo frames.

Children’s wall clock

Obique Children’s Wall Clocks

Learning How to Tell Time – Necessity of a Wall Clock in the Child’s Room

Whether you’re teaching your kid to tell the time or putting the finishing touches to a nursery, a wall clock with a child-friendly finishing is all you need.

Most parents are complaining that children prefer the digital clock instead of the analog one because it’s easier to read. Although we agree, we believe that every child needs to learn how to tell time sooner rather than later.

It seems that what confuses kids the most about telling time on a clock with hands it’s the fact that the numbers have two separate meanings.

When starting to teach a child how to tell time, first of all make sure the child can count to 60. Trying to teach the minutes in an hour before the child can count that high will be discouraging for the child and frustrating and unproductive for both of you. Another thing that helps is teaching the 5 times tables. Understanding 5…10…15…20…etc. will make it much easier to conceptualize the minute hand on a clock. Quickly being able to count by fives makes learning how to read an analog clock much easier.

If you find that your child is still struggling with telling time, consider buying him a watch to wear and replacing the digital clock in his room with an analog one. Save the clocks with Roman numerals for when he’s a little further along!

Teaching your child about hours and minutes doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Everybody knows that children respond better to a playful manner of learning new things. Having a wall clock of their desire, shaped like a spaceman, princess, elephant or something else that the child loves will make the task of learning to tell time way much easier and pleasant.

Also, having a clock in every room is a smart way to stay on schedule. Wall clocks work well in almost any room so why not getting one for your child’s room?

Check our entire collection of children’s wall clocks and choose the one best suited for your child: butterfly, panda, motorbike, lion, elephant, ladybird – plenty to choose from!

Handmade Glass Clocks

Obique Handmade Glass Clocks

The handmade glass clocks from this collection are the perfect combination between a wall clock – functionality – and art. You can be sure that once you hang one of these on your wall, all eyes will be on it. The clocks have unique shapes given through the thermoforming technique. Being handmade and hand painted, you can rest assured that you have an absolutely unique clock.

The handmade glass clocks are made in an eye catching and very contemporary slim curving design – great on any wall in any room or in any home/office!

Modern flats are filled with glass items, from glass windows and doors to many other glass ornaments that make us feel at home. These glass objects can be categorized as articles for personal use, such as pottery, glasses in a kitchen, but their main function is generally utilitarian and not to decorate our homes. Our glass wall clocks are excellent examples of combining stylish forms with different designs in order to satisfy even the most refined expectations: flowers, abstract and geometric shapes. The wall clocks have varied forms and colours; they can undulate, be curved or straight to fit into any type of room or office. The wide range of models and colours enable you to find the best solution to suit your taste and needs.

Besides our beautiful wall clocks you have also the opportunity to choose a table clock. Our hand made table clocks offer you a great chance to select from various forms, colours and design. Some of them are even made to match the wall clocks, so you can create an exquisite matching set.

The high quality clock mechanism will enable you to be always on time and you can choose the colour, design to enhance the décor of your room or office.

The hand-made glass clocks constitute excellent gifts. They may be given as wedding presents for young couples, but they might be precious gifts for grandparents, too. These objects may also contribute to consolidating business relationships.

This clock is handmade and to a high design quality, sure to draw comments from everyone who sees it!

Taking care of glass clocks is as simple as taking care of ordinary glass: Don’t drop it!

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Why recycled glass?

The most important thing that everybody needs to know is that glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity; it does not degrade through the recycling process, so it can be recycled again and again.

Let’s see how the glass recycling process works:

  • The glass factory or the glass treatment plant receives the glass collected form the domestic or industrial consumers;
  •  The glass is sorted by colour and washed to remove any impurities;
  •  The glass is then crushed and melted, then molded into new products such as bottles and jars.

Recycled Glass

As simple as that!

All the glass products that you will find on our website are made from 100% recycled glass. We take great pride in our collection of recycled glassware and we believe that combining them you can have hundreds of beautiful sets to use as you please.

The jars and glass containers can be filled with flowers, branches, and stones to bring your little own garden indoors. Unleashing your creativity you can develop lots of mini terrariums sets!

If you have a green thumb but minimal garden space, why not create your own mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants by making your own terrarium? … Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance gardens, and can last almost indefinitely with minimal water.

For those passionate about the DYI and arts and crafts, our glassware can be successfully used for organizing the loose buttons and threads in your craft room.

In the kitchen, the products are perfect for storing your spices, herbs, pasta, cereals, grains and even fruits or sweets.

No party or get-together is complete without a nice delicious candy bar buffet. Imagination is you limit in how you can use and combine the glass items into creating a beautiful arrangement.

Including a candy buffet table at your celebration is a great way to make sure your guests remember your day long after it passes. Not only does it add a bit of nostalgic fun and whimsy when you include different types of candy and sweets, but it also acts as a conversation-starter and a way to turn people who once were strangers into friends with shared memories.

Create a candy buffet that even Willy Wonka would be proud of with our fabulous glass jars and containers!

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Benji NO, who’s he

Benji NO

Hello there!

My name is Benji NO, you probably saw me around the website or on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Benji.Obique ) and you’re wonder what’s the deal with me.

Benji NO

Hi, I’m Benji NO

Well, I am the new Sales Manager at Obique. I’ve been with them since I was only a baby, crying and nagging them all day long. Now, I’m an adult and I take my job seriously.

Here at Obique, I’ve learnt that wooden products are the best! We sell hundreds of them and I can say with my paw on my heart that I’ve sniffed all of them and they are great quality items. All the products designed and manufactured for children – from furniture to toys – are made only from natural wood of different essences and finished with water based paints and lacquers in order to be 100% child safe (I know they’re safe, I’ve eaten lots of them when I was younger… )

Besides the wide range of wooden items, we also have shabby chic or vintage style home decorations. I might be only 1 year old, but I still love them, as they bring that extra something to the room. Look, I have a clock from our collection on my wall, at home:

Vintage Style Shabby Chic MDF Super Large Birds Scene Wall Clock

Vintage Style Shabby Chic MDF Super Large Birds Scene Wall Clock

Adding glass products made from recycled glass was my idea and I’m pretty proud of it. As you can imagine, I am a big lover of the outdoors and I like the thought that our products are 100% safe for the environment, as they were all made from recycled glass. If you browse through our products you will see that we have hundreds of them and they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. That’s the thing with the handmade or mouth blown items – they are all different! Even if you take 2 items of the same model and you put them one next to the other, you will notice that they are slightly different – you should trust me on this one, my eyesight is really good!

I have some glass products of my own and I use them to keep my doggy treats as they look fantastic anywhere!

Benji's wish

My wish came true

One day we were working on this new collection of handmade glass items and a strange thing happened. My colleagues told me to close my eyes and make a wish, so I did. Of course I wished for a doggy treat – and guess what? When I opened my eyes, the biscuit was there on the table, ready for me to grab! Amazing!! Tend to believe that these items are magical…

Benji's treats

My treats

We are working on extending our range of products all the time, so you should follow me and my colleagues constantly as we might just surprise you.

Woof woof!


If you liked the products I have and you want them, all you need to do is click on their image bellow:

 Vintage Style Shabby Chic MDF Super Large Birds Scene Wall Clock

Vintage Style Shabby Chic MDF Super Large Birds Scene Wall Clock

Handmade Vintage Style Footed Glass Candy or Cookies Display Jar With Lid, Decorative Display

Handmade Vintage Style Footed Glass Candy or Cookies Display Jar With Lid, Decorative Display

Handmade Green and Yellow Thick Walled Recycled Glass Nuts Bowl

Handmade Green and Yellow Thick Walled Recycled Glass Nuts Bowl

Handmade Transparent Yellow Square Thick Walled Recycled Glass Candle Holder or Vase

Handmade Transparent Yellow Square Thick Walled Recycled Glass Candle Holder or Vase

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Plastic or Metal versus Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Plastic or metal

Having and using the right tools in the kitchen can make the difference between an “ok meal” and a finger-licking good one that will remain memorable. In this age of extreme discoveries and innovations, when your average cooking store carries at last four versions of every tool and thousands more are available on the Internet, it’s not easy to choose the right tool for your daily cooking.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

One confusing aspect is trying to decide between plastic, metal and wood, as all of them are available to buy in all shapes and forms. Don’t worry. With the right information, you too can pick the perfect tool for your cooking. Why wood? Ask most people why they choose wooden utensils over plastic ones and they will simply tell you “Because it’s better!”. They are not wrong, of course, but the question remains, why is wood better than plastic or even metal? One of the first reasons is that it looks better. Wooden spoons, spatulas and even chopping boards look way much better than colorful plastic ones. They even look good when you’re not using them, stored in a nice utensil jar on the counter or displayed nicely on the wall. The wooden serving boards or trays are something that you won’t see in every home and having at last one set to use when entertaining guests will guarantee you a good impression in front of anyone. Another reason is that other materials, like metal, can change the taste of acidic foods like tomato sauce – this will never happen when using wooden utensils, so you can forget about that metallic taste that some of the metal spoons leave. Wooden utensils don’t conduct heat, so even if you leave them in the pot they won’t melt or get too hot to handle. They’re incredibly durable and, well, they just feel good in your hand. Holding a metal spoon can be uncomfortable to grip, while hard edges can damage delicate ingredients. The wooden spoon or spatula handle is gently rounded and feels nice in your hand. And you just feel comfortable when using it. Wood is always a good choice when you’re working with hot foods that require frequent stirring, such as risottos, some soups and candy. In fact, even the world’s best-known chefs with Michelin stars recommend wooden spoons when working with candy syrups, as they help distribute heat evenly. Wood is also a good choice when working with delicate copper cookware or nonstick cookware, as it won’t scratch the surface. They also won’t scratch your cast iron or stainless steel pots, and as opposed to metal utensils, they are nice and quiet to use. Plastic utensils, as previously stated, can melt if they come into contact with burner elements, such as the sides of pots or hot syrups.

Serving Trays

Serving Trays


Another issue with them is bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical found in some plastics that may hinder development in infants and children. So I’m asking, why risk it? Some people complain that wood retains the flavor of pungent foods, and they are not wrong. It can, but there’s an easy fix for this: Keep one spoon for savory dishes and one for sweets. Do this for wooden cutting boards, too, and your favorite apple pie will never taste like garlic or onions again. Another, I would say, highly exaggerated wooden-utensil concern is that they are flammable. Well, so are a lot of things hanging around your kitchen. You shouldn’t leave a spoon or a spatula or any other wooden utensil anywhere that it can catch on fire. If you do this with metal, it will burn you, and if you do it with plastic, it will melt and probably destroy your cooker in the process. Best bet: Keep your spoons—and most other things—away from fire. While all of these facts already tip the scale in favor of wooden utensils, there is also an emotional reason to use them, which comes from the comforting, familiar way wood feels in your hand—not cold and severe like stainless steel, or characterless and dull like plastic. Wood retains memories in a way that metal and plastic cannot. It shows signs of use, gathering scars like a soldier in a battle. It changes color and texture, wears and ages, even changes shape. If I look at one of my wooden spoons I can see a dent from that Christmas dinner two years ago or a red spot from my last summer strawberry pie… it was there, watching how my cooking evolves and perfects. So, even if having the right wooden utensils won’t transform you into an excellent cook over night, at least you’ll know that you’re heading in the right direction.

Benji NO

Obique’s Sales Manager, Benji No

Hello, my name is Benji NO! They also call me Benji Down, or Benji Leave It – not sure what my complete name is..

I’ve just been promoted to Sales Manager here at Obique because I am good with people. Check our product categories and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
Each week my staff put new articles in the blog section about my progress as a manager, so please help me earn my treats by buying our products.
Thank you!

The first job they gave me was that of a Packer. I’ve always known that I can do better so I quickly evolved from that. Oh, that and the thing that they said that I’m not allowed to do is chew on the boxes…

I then moved to Quality Inspector. They had to throw away some products as chewing was not an option…

Back then my days were pretty much the same. Losing and finding my teddy bear was keeping me occupied all day.

Not finding my place in the company, I even considered leaving at one moment. Seems that the veggie crate wasn’t going anywhere so I gave it another chance.

I was dreaming of the Manager position since I was a baby… But it took me a while to earn it.

But now I’ve found my place! Being promoted to Sales Manager made me realize this is my thing! Those late nights and extra hours at the office finally paid off!